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Términos y condiciones de uso

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Terms of Use (English version)

Terms and Conditions of Use

Access to and use of this website are subject to the following conditions.
Please do not use this website unless you agree with these conditions.
We encourage visitors to the Site to thoroughly read the information contained in this document in order to access this Website. IntraMed infers that access to the Site is an outright acceptance of the terms and conditions herein provided. If you do not agree with certain terms and conditions used here, please do not enter the Site.
The Site may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing information and services to users, who may enter the Site but do not meet the requirements, in spite of having accepted the terms and conditions herein provided.

1. Internal Politics of IntraMed

The Site offers an information service for exclusive and personal use of each user. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, release, use, reproduce, publish, license, assign, sell or create any works derived (either in whole or in part) from information received on this Site. You may utilise the information and services offered there exclusively for personal use and benefit.
The Site will regularly update data, information and services included therein given the constant developments in the field of modern medicine. The Site will process information from the medical and pharmaceutical sector, providing users with an efficient service, adequate to their needs.

A. Personal data; exclusive use of the Site

All personal information that users may be required to provide by the Site, such as your name, address, telephone number, credit card, e-mail address, etc.., will be used by the Site to provide users with any information and updated services offered on the Site, as well as the latest developments related to the pharmaceutical and / or medicinal industry. By means of this document you allow the Site to use such information solely for the purposes mentioned above.
By registering your information as a subscriber on the Site, you agree for IntraMed to store it and use it for statistical purposes, marketing studies, mailing and marketing in general.
Notwithstanding the above, it is entirely optional and voluntary for the users to provide and transmit their personal data to the Site. IntraMed is not responsible for the credibility of the information provided by users or for the potential release of such information without previous consent.
IntraMed may release the personal information of its users, when public or private entities thus require it, for relevant legal or administrative procedures, for the handling of administrative or judicial nature, or when IntraMed has had that information prior to the on line establishment of the Site in the cyberspace.

B. Requirements for the use of the Website by people under age

In order to access the Site, restricted requirements must be met so as to prevent any possible misuse. Minors may not be registered on the Site, neither on their own or through the registration by an adult. Minors may only browse the Site with permission from their parents, guardians or older adults, who will be responsible for all activities that they do on the Site. The adult responsible shall exclusively bear for any damages resulting from the misuse of information and other services offered by the Site and they will consequently be qualified as a user. Therefore, it is the adult’s duty to monitor the child closely in the "navigation" within the Site.

C. Legal disputes. Jurisdiction

Any legal dispute relating in whole or in part with the wording of this document or on compliance of them on behalf of IntraMed shall be settled by the competent National Justice in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, allowing the user to abandon any other jurisdiction that could eventually have competence. Besides, the laws of the Republic of Argentina will be applied, with total exclusion of Private and/or Public International Law or any other rules which directly or indirectly refer to the application of any foreign law.

2. Our Conditions

A. Website Subsidies

In order to settle the maintenance of the information service provided on the Site, IntraMed receives contributions from other companies engaged in pharmaceutical business and/or health care, both nationally and internationally, in exchange for displaying online advertisements targeted to the content of information stored on the services, queries made through the services or other information of the products offered on the Site. In these cases, those companies that provide support to the site will clearly appear on-line as Sponsor Companies, Partners or other similar expressions which will identify such a role.
The publications made on the Site do not possess, under any aspect, a dependent relationship with the contents thereof, and all publications are displayed on-line after paying a fee, unless it is arranged beforehand to be free of charge. It is hereby forbidden to display ads against the policy of IntraMed, as well as the publication of items which are legally prohibited.
Intramed does not warrant in case the content of the Website offends users-visitors. You shall be aware that the information Service of IntraMed is not the exclusive property of the Site, in such cases users will have to straighten out their legal claims, demands, or actions to the holders of the publications that are particularly offensive.

B. Trademark rights and Intellectual Property:

IntraMed is a registered trademark. All services and information offered on the Site (including documentation, texts, drawings, charts, and forums, etc.) which have no identification of the owners of trademarks are the property of IntraMed, considering all rights reserved. Therefore, the use of all trademarks used on the Site without the prior consent of the respective owners is strictly forbidden.
The copyright on any information or services offered on the Site are duly registered by the owner of the service or information under applicable laws in Argentina. Any publication, retransmission or redistribution of any material that constitutes part of the information posted on the Site is expressly prohibited unless it has prior written consent of the respective owner or author.
In all cases, ads related to the property of the information will be displayed on the screen. The user shall not modify or delete them in any way. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited, whether in whole or in part, without prior permission from IntraMed.

3. Legal Considerations - Disclaimer of Medical Liability

A. Information processing

The Content of the Website is not designed to, and does not, provide medical advice. All information and services offered on this Website is given in a condensed way and it is intended to provide general notions or ideas on health issues to the users of the site. The information given should not be considered technically complete or exhaustive or conclusive on any of the topics developed by the Site, it should neither be used in place of a visit, call, or consultation with, and the advice of your physician or other health care providers. Should you have any health care-related questions, call or see your physician or other health care provider promptly.
IntraMed expressly rejects self-medication of any kind, as well as self-management of health problems.
Information and services provided on this Site are merely of informative purpose and they are not intended to cover all conditions of health, illness or disease of physical or psychological nature.
The Site provides an information service, documentation and advertising addressed to its users, whom will benefit especially from the foreseen alliances that IntraMed will form in order to optimize the services provided on the Site for the benefit of its users.

B. Fidelity in the transmission of the Service:

While the Site makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the content on the Site is correct and there is non-interference of third parties, IntraMed makes no warranties or representations, on no account, as to the accuracy, credibility, and loyalty of the content provided to the Site, whether in full or in part. IntraMed neither ensures the integrity or inviolability of all published online by the Site.
Besides, IntraMed assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, quality or reliability of any content transmitted via the Site, nor the period during which the user delays in accessing the site, or any other connection problem with it

C. Release of the Potential Damage: Indemnification

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold IntraMed harmless, as well as all its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, and all present or future human resources that integrate it from and against any harmful and punitive action that could arise out of any legal or extrajudicial action emerging from a breach of this agreement by you or by a third party,  or the transmission of information taken from the Site, after registration and authorization for the retransmission of the information provided by the Site.

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